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Hair Loss in Women - Facts You Need to Know

Hair Loss in Women - Facts You Need to Know

Rapid hair fall is a severe problem for the sufferers, especially to women. You can pick any hairstyle, cut it short, or keep it long, and you want strong, healthy, and beautiful hair. However, suddenly, excessive hair loss can make you go all depressed. Men suffer from patterned baldness and it happens abruptly. However, in the case of women, hair thinning is the thing that they face. Many of you don’t notice it at the beginning, and when you lose enough hair, it becomes frustrating to you. Laser hair comb or LLLT technology helps you to restore the hairs.

Let’s discuss specific facts of hair loss in women and their treatment.

What is average Hair Loss?

Usually, people have 100000 strands of hair on the scalp. As per the hair specialists, adults lose around 100 hair regularly. It could be devastating, but you don’t get to know it as new hair replaced the falling hair, and a balance is maintained. When hair becomes thinner, that means new hair is not growing at the place where hair fall has happened. In women, this kind of hair thinning is known as female pattern baldness.

Causes of Hair Fall in Women

There are numerous reasons for hair fall in women. It can be an unhealthy food plan, lack of exercise, stress, or any genetic disorder. If you are losing hair abruptly, you should consult a specialist and get your thyroid tested. You also need to know if you are suffering from anemia, vitamin deficiencies, or any other health problems. If you are having patchy baldness, which can be because of a rare syndrome, called Alopecia Areata. It happens when your weak immunity system attacks the healthy hair follicles. Apart from these, medicines to control high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. can also be the reason of hair fall in women.

How to Stop Excessive Hair Fall

The first thing you need to do is to find out the root cause of hair fall and follow the treatment properly. Using LLLT technology is also quite useful where a low-level of laser is used to activate the cellular activities of your scalp and boost up hair re-growth. You can use laser hair combs to get the best result within a few weeks.

So, now you know the cause of hair fall in women and also how to fight back against this problem. LLLT technology is sufficient to treat hair fall and you will get new hair on your scalp.

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