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Hair Systems vs Laser Cap: What You Need To Know?

Hair Systems vs Laser Cap: What You Need To Know?

A hair system is a hairpiece that is made of quality or synthetic human hair that covers the bald spots. Moreover, it can be used by both males and females who are experiencing hair loss. The hair systems can also be used by women to hide the partially exposed scalp or for hair regrowth too. These are custom-made to fit the customer’s head with an elastic band or the adhesive. An excellent hair system includes hair density, straightness, and texture.

Laser cap is another safe alternative seen for hair growth. The laser cap works on the low-level laser energy that is the spectrum of the laser light, which works on the non-destructive and cool-to-touch technology. The laser light used in the cap permeates throughout the cell and uses LLLT for reversing the hair loss in men and women. Moreover, it does not include any surgery or medication so it is a non-abrasive way of treating hair loss problems.

Let us now see a few pointers that describe hair systems v/s laser cap to know what suits your hairs the best.

Hair Systems v/s Laser Cap

Basis Of Difference

Hair Systems

Laser Cap

Used By

Both men and women

Both men and women

Technology Used

Use custom-made synthetic or quality human hair.

Use low-level laser technology for hair growth.

Clinically Approved

People can opt for hair systems by purchasing them from the market.

The laser cap technology is clinically approved by the specialists to treat hair loss.


It does not include any surgery as hair systems can get attached with the help of an elastic band or adhesive.

You can wear laser caps can without any surgery. These can even fit under any of the usual caps.


This is portable as you can wear them anywhere.

These caps are also portable as you can wear them while walking, driving, etc.


Low cost as compared to other surgical treatments.

You have to invest one-time into it. The laser cap also works effectively and fast than any surgical treatment.

Who Can Use It?

People experiencing scalp deformities, alopecia, having genetic factors, stress pulling, cancer patients, etc.

People experiencing thinning of hairs or alopecia can use this treatment. It works effectively for them.

Time Take and Time Span

You can purchase online or from  

You need to take 4-5 sessions a

any local clinic. It lasts for 4 to 6 months.

week for approximate 6 months to regrow your hairs. Then after, 1-2 sessions per week to maintain hair quality.


To sum up, these are a few differences and benefits of hair systems v/s laser cap. But, before opting for any treatment for your hairs, you must consult an experienced specialist.


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