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Myths Associated With LLLT Technology

Myths Associated With LLLT Technology

If you have tried several methods to stop hair fall and increase hair growth and nothing made much difference, go for LLLT technology. It is getting hugely popular in present times. Initially, this therapy was a bit expensive. However, now you can buy laser therapy devices like a laser cap for hair restoration, laser hair comb, etc. to use at the comfort of your house and get the result within a few weeks. Still, people are confused about using low-level laser therapy, and they believe in certain myths.

LLLT Therapy is Painful

Many people think that laser treatment is painful, as you face the hot and uncomfortable rays, as shown in television and movies. However, with improved LLLT technology, this type of treatment is a system of the early decades. You can buy a low-level laser helmet or laser comb using light laser therapy that goes deeper into the scalp, improves cellular activity, and promotes hair growth.

Laser Hair Therapy can’t Treat Hair Fall

This is nothing but a myth that has no truth hidden inside. There are many incidents where laser therapy is used successfully in hair re-growth and controlling hair fall. Depending on the pattern of baldness and the texture of the scalp, you can get varied results.

Laser Therapy Only Works on Certain Hair Color

Your hair color is a natural thing that you get by birth. Laser therapy has nothing to do with it. No matter whether you have black, brown, red, yellow, blonde, brunette, etc. color of hair, laser therapy can only work on your hair follicles and boost up your hair growth.

Laser Hair Therapy Will Work Overnight

There is no bigger myth than this about laser hair therapy. Though there is no doubt that this treatment can boost up hair growth and lower hair fall, it takes an approximate period of a few months. You won’t get the result overnight. Moreover, the result will depend on the texture of your baldness and type of your hair.

These are certain myths regarding LLLT technology that has no basis. If you are suffering from extreme hair fall and no treatment or method helps you a bit, seek help from the low-level laser therapy, have beautiful hair, and get back your confidence.

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